Things Have Changed: Analyzing The Dating World

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Interesting question: how many couples could meet on Valentine’s Day in 2019? We can say much more than before as lots of singles start using online dating services. The dating sites continue conquering this world. However, is this a good way to find a partner using the data processing software and matching tools? Or is it better to use old methods of meeting singles?

Analyzing the dating world today is not that easy as the ideas about romantic relationships have already changed radically. And this happened under the influence of computer technology. Since the first dating site appeared in 1995, online dating has been growing daily and hourly.

Was It Better Without Dating Apps?

In the 19th century, when people began to “date”, or it’s better to say have been invited to make a promenade, a man was the one who invited a single woman, and both participants more or less understood the purpose of their meet up. If the parents of a girl accepted the potential groom, then they got engaged.

During the 20th century, such meetings became more ordinary and frequent, but even the most meticulous ones had to make a choice sooner or later. Five decades ago, 72% of men and 87% of women were married by the age of 25. By 2012, the situation had changed radically. Today’s statistics show that 78% of men and 67% of women at the age of 25 and 30 are still single.

The main reason for rejecting marriage nowadays is the general decline of traditional social relations. So the average age for marriage is 6 years longer for both sexes than it was for youth in the 60s. Jeffrey Arnett, a psychology professor, issued this to the ‘delayed maturity’. Well, so what’s next?

So What Has Changed in The Dating World?

Modern dating mobile apps have now quick profile customization. They provide advanced match features and offer a simplified method of choosing users profiles: like scrolling, liking/disliking profiles on the smartphones, etc. Thanks to such innovations and ease, online dating simply took a new level.

For example, in the wake of the explosive growth of smartphone users, dating applications started registering millions of users daily. How is that? Well, thank you, Mister Gates and Steve Jobs. The devices we use today are so user-friendly and intuitive that you can sit at one place and with a few clicks already find a date for the evening hook up. What else?

  • Meet your boyfriend or potential single girl partner who lives nearby in a half hour drive from the house.
  • Find your match as the dating tools may combine your passion for comedy films or football whatsoever.
  • Meet a guy or girl who will become your match according to the previous listings and searches.
  • Start hanging out in chats with the single women or guys all day. There are hundreds of potential partners who can be a real love of your life.


Sure thing, same as in the offline relationships, you can meet losers and just idiots who have nothing common with you or they uploaded fake photos to make fun of you. Contrary to such disappointments, the number of mobile dating apps is growing steadily and according to the researches which study the work of dating applications, the investment on them in 2016 reached 234 million dollars. And in 2017, this amount doubled to 448 million dollars.

In Conclusion

If you are one of those people who is using online dating services with statuses like ‘looking for a relationship’ or ‘in active search’, you may notice how quickly the dating experience can turn into work. For example, certain apps were made based on the model of playing cards, so this is more like a game. But online dating sites that place more emphasis on creating a detailed profile and finding real matches nearby can really help reduce the time spent on research, providing some kind of protection and security. Of course, you can not be sure of the positive end results, but you will gain experience!

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