Dating Sites vs Social Media

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Meeting single women and men online has become the casual thing for many people today. Since it is much easier and faster to find a person with similar interests and preferences in relationship and sex by using new technologies, more and more singles opt to choose dating services or social media.

To enjoy online dating, it is very important to choose a correct dating platform. It must provide all the functions you need and, eventually, it would not become another useless time eater. Let’s have a look at both: dating sites and social media and find its pros and cons.

Finding single women or men online, meeting your perfect date or even the person to spend the rest of your life with are starting to be quite difficult, especially, if your heart has been broken a couple of times. And one of the most popular questions people ask today is what method of dating is the best?

Online Dating

Pro: The main purpose of online dating sites is directly related to finding matches. On the other hand, social networks are used for sharing photos, ideas, interests or connecting with your friends, communities, etc.

Con: Thousands of singles are joining and trying the dating experience and it’s sometimes hard to choose from hundreds of profiles.

Pro: One out of ten relationships begin online and you can find lots of successful love stories.
Con: Some single women and men using dating sites can lie in their profiles. It can be age, income or relationship/marital statuses. This can be an issue when you decide to meet up for a real date.

Pro: Dating site services help you find matches right near you, within your geographic location and sharing similar interests. Therefore, finding local women and finding local men online is much easier with the dating sites.

Con: The online dating experience could be really addicting to someone who is searching for flirting or simply want to hang out. Therefore, if you truly want to find a date or your mate for a relationship, be ready to face with lots of people with the digital syndrome who just want to spend their free time by chatting without serious intentions.

Social Media

Pro: Social media is an effective and accessible way for all people to connect not only for dating. People use social media to find new friends or simply ask for advice.

Con: It may appear like a full-time job with more than 2.6 billion people using social networks around the globe and a whole bunch of reasons people have gone there for. The initial purpose of social media is connecting you with friends and sharing ideas and interests. This is why you should be creative and well organized to find people who want relationships.

Pro: Social media offers the opportunity to see and explore the user’s profile deeper. You are able to check friends, communities, what the person did this summer or what they are planning to do tomorrow like visiting certain meetups, etc.

Con: Lots of dating websites offer matching tools and location software to find people nearby. Also, you can send messages straightly to the suggested matches. Social media is not offering such features and opportunities.


Nowadays it’s easier to use the internet for dating as thousands of people are actively doing it every day. Online dating sites have proved to be the best on the market as they provide advanced tools straightly aimed and focused on the dating experience and finding love, mates and relationships.

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