How to approach dating when you’re shy

approach dating when shy

Being shy doesn’t mean you aren’t looking for some romance in your life, it just means you aren’t as confident as everyone else you see on Instagram or Facebook. To help you fight through the shy feelings and to ease...

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Interracial Dating: The Pros and Cons

interracial couple

Interracial dating has become more acceptable now than it has ever been. Many people are more open to it and it is becoming more popular. The fact that 17% of marriages in the USA are interracial shows that this is...

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Dating Sites vs Social Media

couple with a smartphone

Meeting single women and men online has become the casual thing for many people today. Since it is much easier and faster to find a person with similar interests and preferences in relationship and sex by using new technologies, more...

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Things Have Changed: Analyzing The Dating World

couple kissing

Interesting question: how many couples could meet on Valentine’s Day in 2019? We can say much more than before as lots of singles start using online dating services. The dating sites continue conquering this world. However, is this a good...

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How to choose a tie in 3 steps

Men’s iconic accessory becomes easier, more colorful and sometimes winks at eccentricity. The tie is back and adapts itself to contemporary wardrobe for men of all ages. A tie is one of those menswear details that can often seem unnecessary. Nothing could...

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What do women love most about men?

I do not speak for all of women, of course, not even some of them, but I will tell you what I, Merry, love most about men.  This article is a tribute to them.  It is not a wish list of attributes...

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Signs You’re More In Love Than She Is

From the first time that a girl truly caught your eye, you’ve known what you feel like when you’re really digging someone. And you were probably wondering back then, just like in your relationships today, whether you should show how you...

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How to Roll Up Your Sleeves the Right Way

5 foolproof, fashionable ways to keep your sleeves up Historically, the act of rolling up one’s sleeves has been a symbol of “getting down to business.” Whether a man is gearing up for physical labor, getting ready to throw a...

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